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So which products can the ultrasonic cleaning agent be applied to?
Aug 07, 2018

First, metal hardware

Metal products

Metal hardware is a suitable type of ultrasonic cleaning standard. Some metal parts, precision hardware, whether it is steel, alloy, copper, galvanized sheet, etc., can be ultrasonically cleaned. If your ultrasound is large, larger aluminum plates, metal plates, etc. can be put into the cleaning.

Second, optical electronics

Optical glass

There are also many products in the optical electronics industry. Optical glass cleaning, there are many types of optical glass, optical cleaning usually requires a fixture to clean. Electronics, on the other hand, includes small components such as diodes, circuit boards, and silicon components.

Third, plastic products

plastic parts

It is also possible to use ultrasonic cleaning for plastics. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of ultrasonic cleaning agents. Otherwise, it may cause corrosion. Usually, solvent-based cleaning agents are corrosive to plastic products, and are not available. Too high may also cause corrosion, which is a concern for cleaning plastic products.

Ultrasonic cleaning agents are easy to use and high in efficiency. Today, with the increasing labor costs, ultrasonic cleaning has become the choice of more and more enterprises.

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