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Refrigerated Circulating Thermostatic Water Bath

Refrigerated Circulating Thermostatic Water Bath

Introduction: SDC series of low-temperature thermostat bath, using compressor cooling method, with the cooling speed, high efficiency and small temperature fluctuation characteristics, widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy oil and bio-engineering and other fields. 1. Using...


A thermostat is a tank that provides a constant temperature. Also known as constant temperature circulator, constant temperature water tank, constant temperature bath, constant temperature oil tank.

  The constant temperature bath is not only suitable for working under low temperature and normal temperature conditions, but also can be combined with rotary evaporator, vacuum freeze drying oven, circulating water vacuum pump, magnetic stirrer and other instruments for multi-function chemical reaction operation and drug storage. It can be seen that the application of the constant temperature bath is very extensive, and therefore the sensitivity of the constant temperature bath has naturally become one of the major concerns.

According to years of experience, Shanghai Tianfeng thermostatic tank manufacturers have summarized a lot of factors affecting the sensitivity of the constant temperature bath. Generally, there are:

(1) Stirrer: The stirring rate should be large enough to ensure uniform temperature in the constant temperature bath;

(2) Heater: suitable power, small heat capacity, high temperature sensitivity;

(3) Temperature controller: The electromagnetic attraction key, the shorter the mechanical action of the electric key, the smaller the residual magnetism of the iron core in the coil when the power is off, the higher the temperature control sensitivity;

(4) Contact thermometer: the heat capacity is small, sensitive to temperature changes, the sensitivity is high;

(5) The smaller the difference between the ambient temperature and the set temperature, the better the temperature control effect;

(6) Constant temperature medium: good fluidity, good heat transfer performance, high temperature control sensitivity;

(7) The position of each component: the position of the heater, the agitator and the contact thermometer should be close, so that the heated liquid can be stirred evenly immediately, and the temperature is controlled by the contact thermometer;





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