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Varible Speed Disperse

Principle: A small steel ball (or zirconia ball) is added to a grinding tank or centrifuge tube, and the grinding tank or adapter is vertically vibrating. The ball is struck at high speed under high frequency vibration to grind the sample. It adopts grinding ball to grind the sample, which make the grinding of the sample more uniform and sufficient than the traditional grinding method. Using high throughput tissue grinder, can be used as a homogenizer in grinding tank adding ball and cell beads broken the samples which it is difficult to crush by ultrasonic homogenizer, quickly dispersed samples with high density and small steel balls or zirconia beads.
  • Scientz-48 Touch Display High Throughput Tissuelyser

    Scientz-48 Touch Display High Throughput Tissuelyser

    High-throughput Tissue Grinder High-throughput tissue grinder can grind 4× 96 pcs samples fast and efficient at the same time within 3 minutes. Can do dry grinding, wet grinding and mixing and homogenization . Sample categories include: plant tissue (rice, corn, wheat, beans,...Read More
  • XHF-DY LCD Display Speed Adjustable Disperse

    XHF-DY LCD Display Speed Adjustable Disperse

    The main part of the instruments is the plum-form crushing blades made of 316 special stainless steel. The knife is driven by a high-speed miniature motor manipulated by a speed-adjustable electronic controller. By means of the high-speed rotary movement of the internal...Read More
  • S10 Variable Speed Disperse

    S10 Variable Speed Disperse

    S10 High-speed Homogenizer S10 model High-speed homogenizer (alias: tissue-pounding machine,powder-dispersive machine),is suited to liquid mixing,emulsion,homogenization dispersion of solid powder in a liquid, animal tissue crushing and homogenization. The machine is designed...Read More
  • DY89-II Adjustable Speed Glass Homogenizer

    DY89-II Adjustable Speed Glass Homogenizer

    DY89-II GLASS HOMOGENIZER 8370 On the principle of grinding mechanism, the system is designed to homogenize the animal and plant tissue in a soft manner , so as to get the cytoplasm and mitochondria for experiment. Applicable to biology, pharmacy, agriculture and other...Read More
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