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Scientz-IID New Type Of Ultrasonic Processor With 7 TFT Touch Display

Scientz-IID Ultrasonic Homogenizer CE Patent number : ZL200920122245.6 ULTRASONIC HOMOGENIZER Features: 1. It adopts PWM control switch power supply, and the power is continuously adjustable 2. It adopts 7 inch TFT touch screen display, high resolution 3. Central microcomputer centralized...

Scientz-IID Ultrasonic Homogenizer       CE   Patent numberZL200920122245.6



1.   It adopts PWM control switch power supply, and the power is continuously adjustable

2.   It adopts 7 inch TFT touch screen display, high resolution

3.   Central microcomputer centralized control

4.   Ultrasonic time, power arbitrary setting

5.   Sample temperature detection display, power display,microcomputer tracking,automatic fault alarm

6.   Sound Abating trap adopts sheet metal,spray plastic,ABS material,die design,with lock function.

Application area:

Life sciences:

Lysis, fragmentation, leaching of bacteria, viruses, spores and other cellular structures, extraction of DNA and protein in plants and animals, pruning of DNA/RNA, chromatin immunoprecipitation technique

Materials chemistry: the dispersion and cracking of nanomaterials, such as carbon nanotubes, graphene and other materials.cracking,emulsification,homogenization and crusing of homogeneous soil, rock samples, non-ferrous metals, rare earth particles.

In addition, it can be used for the dispersion and extraction of Chinese herbal medicines. It can be used for the dispersion, homogenization and acceleration reaction of other samples, and also for sample pretreatment in chemical, medical, archaeological, geological and Marine Fields


Main Technical Parameters


20-25KHZ automatic tracking


950W (1%-99%)


7 inch TFT touch screen

Display content


Processing volume


Duty Ratio




 Optional Tip


Storage data

50 groups

Temperature alarm



Over-temperatureOverload,   and overtime



Working mode


Standard configuration

Generator host 1pcSealed   transducer 1pcΦ6mm Tip 1pcSound   Abating trap 1pc

Ultrasonic cell shredder use process summary

1. Before use, clean the ultrasonic probe with water and wipe the probe clean with paper.

2. Place the beaker's solution to be crushed and the boxed ice water mixture under the probe, lift the base, and let the probe penetrate into the solution, with a distance of 1 cm from the bottom of the beaker, and place the probe in the center of the beaker. Close the door at your fingertips.

3. Turn on the instrument switch and press the Set button twice to set the total time, ultrasonic time, ultrasonic interval time, and press the OK button.

  4. Click “On” to observe the ultrasound condition through the glass. If there is any abnormality, immediately click “Stop”. Re-arrange and confirm that it is correct, start ultrasound.

5. After the end of the ultrasound, take out the broken solution and wash the ultrasonic probe with 20% ethanol.





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