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JY99-IIDN 7 Inch TFT Touch Screen Processing Volume 50-1200 Ml

JY99-IIDN 7 Inch TFT Touch Screen Processing Volume 50-1200 Ml

JY-N Ultrasonic Homogenizer (JY 系列新款 + 老款 ) Features : 1.With new software,central microcomputer centralized control 1. It adopts 7 inch TFT touch screen display 2. Ultrasonic power step with 1% continuous adjustable. 3. With pulse and continuous operation, and with test function 4. Ultrasonic...

Frequently asked questions when using ultrasonic disruption cytometer

1. How do bubbles appear when breaking cells with an ultrasonic cell disrupter?

   Analysis: Ultrasonic power: should not be too large, so as to avoid sample splashing or foaming, such as less than 10ml sample capacity, work

The rate should be within 200w, select 2mm ultrasonic probe, and the horn selector switch on the back of the panel should be driven to the corresponding gear;

The power of 10-200ml sample capacity is 200-400w, 6mm ultrasonic probe is used, and the horn behind the panel is used.

Hit the corresponding block; the sample capacity of 200ml or more is between 300-600w, and the 10mm ultrasonic probe is used.

Move the horn behind the panel to the corresponding gear; (the small probe power of 2MM is strictly prohibited to exceed 350W)

2.100g of E. coli is dissolved in 1L of broken liquid (breaking liquid:

50mM Tris-Cl (pH 8.5) 5mM EDTA 0.14MNaCl), stirred, found that the bacteria liquid is sticky, the bacteria are not very good

   Dispersed, crushed with a high-pressure homogenizer, after the pressure, the bacteria liquid can not enter the homogenizer, the speed is very slow, what is the reason?

Analyze: increase the amount of broken liquid, not well dispersed, it may be too large; sonication for 5-10 minutes, bacteria

The viscosity of the liquid can be greatly reduced, and the dispersion of the bacteria can also be promoted.

3. Why use plastic large test tubes, glass is not OK?

   Resolution: No, if a glass tube is used, it may break, and plastic tubes are usually used. Ultrasound

A wave is an elastic mechanical wave in a matter medium. It is both a form of wave and a form of energy. Ultrasonic break

The effects of the crusher on cells are mainly thermal effects, cavitation effects and mechanical effects. Thermal effect is when ultrasound propagates through the medium

At this time, the frictional force hinders the molecular vibration caused by the ultrasound, and converts part of the energy into local high heat (42-43 ° C). air

The effect is that under the irradiation of ultrasound, vacuoles are formed in the living body, and the air bubbles are generated and the violent explosion occurs.

Mechanical shear pressure and turbulence. In addition, when the cavitation bubble bursts, it generates instantaneous high temperature (about 5000 ° C) and high pressure (reachable).

500×104Pa), which can thermally dissociate water vapor to produce .OH radicals and .H atoms, which are caused by .OH radicals and .H atoms.

The redox reaction can lead to polymer degradation, enzyme inactivation, lipid peroxidation and cell killing. Mechanical effect is ultrasound

The primary effect is that the ultrasonic particles alternately compress and stretch during the propagation process to form a pressure change, causing fine

Cell structure damage. The strength of the injury is closely related to the frequency and intensity of the ultrasound.




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