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JY99-IIDN 7 Inch TFT Touch Screen Display Ultrasonic Homogenizer Sonicator

JY99-IIDN 7 Inch TFT Touch Screen Display Ultrasonic Homogenizer Sonicator

Features : 1.With new software,central microcomputer centralized control 1. It adopts 7 inch TFT touch screen display 2. Ultrasonic power step with 1% continuous adjustable. 3. With pulse and continuous operation, and with test function 4. Ultrasonic time, gap time, and total time can be...

   Ningbo Scientz is an important production base of China's ultrasonic cell pulverizer, and is in the international leading position, specializing in the production of ultrasonic equipment and related scientific instruments.

Frequently asked questions when using ultrasonic disruption cytometer

When the enzyme is extracted from the cells, the long time of the ultrasonic disruptor will affect the activity of the enzyme. What should I do?

    Analytical: If intracellular enzymes are required, there is essentially a proportional relationship between the degree of cell disruption and the required enzyme acquisition.

The long break time does affect the activity of the enzyme. This requires a judgment between the optimal crushing time and the enzyme activity.

The most straightforward way is to draw the relevant curve (the relationship between enzyme activity and time). If the ultrasound breaks in the experiment

The crusher is a coryneform bacterium (also a G+ bacteria that is difficult to break the wall), and the crushing time is controlled at about 30 minutes.

it is good. If it is a matrix hyphae, it is better to consider using lysozyme.

E. coli expresses foreign protein and is suspended in PBS containing 1% triton-X-100 during sonication

  Floating, then the effect of ultrasound is better, the effect of 1% triton-X-100 is still very obvious, and it also works for some other bacteria, such as Streptomyces. After expressing the recombinant protein, the cells were disrupted by ultrasonic cell disruption, using an ice bath, 400w, and crushed for 2s for 1s, but a large amount of foam was generated in a short time, which affected the crushing power. Both pbs and tris buffers were like this. Is the fragmentation incomplete, and the target protein is in these unbroken cells, what should I do?

Analysis: The bubble will be generated because the probe position is not placed well; the probe must be close to the bottom, about 0.5-1cm;

The rate will vary according to the instrument, but the liquid level can be observed, there is fluctuation, but not too severe; you can choose ultrasonic cell crusher to break 3s, stop for 10s, break 20-30 times; also pay attention to the position of the horn. If the sound is wrong, it should be adjusted in time; considering the concentration of bacteria. Try to increase the volume when crushing, the strength should not exceed 60%; try to break 8s for 8s, for some bacterial proteins, it is difficult to dissipate heat and cause protein denaturation to produce bubbles, which can be paused for a little longer. Protein found in the form of inclusion bodies




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