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JY98-IIIN/JY98-IIIDN/JY99-IIDN Laboratory Ultrasonic Homogenizer With Best Price

JY98-IIIN/JY98-IIIDN/JY99-IIDN Laboratory Ultrasonic Homogenizer With Best Price

JY-N Ultrasonic Homogenizer Features : 1.With new software,central microcomputer centralized control 2. It adopts 7 inch TFT touch screen display 3.Ultrasonic power step with 1% continuous adjustable. 4.With pulse and continuous operation, and with test function 5.Ultrasonic time, gap time, and...

   The working principle of the ultrasonic cell breaker is based on the cavitation of the ultrasonic wave in the liquid. The transducer generates high-intensity shear force in the liquid at the top of the tool head through the horn, forming a high-frequency alternating water pressure, making it empty. The cavity expands and explodes to break the cells. On the other hand, due to the violent disturbance of the ultrasonic waves propagating in the liquid, the particles generate a large acceleration, thereby colliding with each other or colliding with the walls to break.

   It is widely used in the fields of biochemistry, medical pharmacy, food testing, environmental monitoring and other fields of crushed animal and plant tissues, viruses, bacteria and other cellular structures as well as in the chemical reaction process of emulsification, separation and homogenization.

Second, the principle and application of ultrasonic cleaner

    The ultrasonic cleaner uses the cross-talk signal emitted by the ultrasonic generator, and is converted into an AC mechanical oscillation by the transducer to propagate to the medium--the cleaning liquid, and the strong ultrasonic wave is in the form of dense and dense in the cleaning liquid. The object to be washed is radiated. A "cavitation" phenomenon occurs, that is, a "bubble" form in the cleaning liquid, causing a crack. When "cavitation" reaches the moment when the surface of the object to be washed is broken, an impact force far exceeding 1000 atmospheric pressure is generated, so that the dirt in the surface, the hole and the gap of the object are dispersed, cracked and peeled off, so that the object is cleaned and cleaned.

   It is mainly used for cleaning, degassing, mixing, extracting and cell crushing in small batches of commercial, light industry, colleges and universities.

Third, the main difference between the crusher and the washer

   The main principle of ultrasonic cleaner and ultrasonic cell crusher is the same. The main difference is that the ultrasonic cell breaker concentrates all the energy on the probe, and the energy of the ultrasonic cleaner is evenly distributed at the bottom of the cleaning tank. Ultrasonic cleaners tend to degas and clean, while ultrasonic cell disruptors tend to break, emulsify, and homogenize cells.

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Operational requirements

Ultrasonic power

Should not be too large, so as not to splash or foam the sample, such as less than 10ml sample capacity, the power should be within 200w, select 2mm ultrasonic probe, and the horn selector switch behind the panel to the corresponding gear; 10-200ml sample capacity power In the 200-400w, select the 6mm ultrasonic probe, and the horn of the panel behind the panel to the corresponding gear; the capacity of the sample above 200ml is between 300-600w, select the 10mm ultrasonic probe, and the horn of the panel behind the panel To the corresponding block; (2MM small probe power is strictly prohibited to exceed 350W) Alkaloids use ultrasonic cell pulverizer to extract total alkaloids from sand oysters, ultrasonic extraction twice at room temperature, extraction rate is over 85%; 4--6 than normal temperature leaching Hours/times, extracting three times works better.

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