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JY96-IIN/JY88-IIN Ultrasonic Transducer For Laboratory

JY96-IIN/JY88-IIN Ultrasonic Transducer For Laboratory

JY-N Ultrasonic Homogenizer Features : 1.With new software,central microcomputer centralized control 1. It adopts 7 inch TFT touch screen display 2. Ultrasonic power step with 1% continuous adjustable. 3. With pulse and continuous operation, and with test function 4. Ultrasonic time, gap time,...

The technique of ultrasonic breaker in breaking E. coli

  The broken E. coli was used to extract and express the foreign protein. Before using the ultrasonic crusher, it was suspended in PBS containing 1% triton-X-100, and then the crushing effect was better. The effect of 1% triton-X-100 was still obvious. It works for some other bacteria, such as Streptomyces.


 Add the sample 1 buffer directly to the bacterial pellet, add 5μl of mercaptoethanol, mix well, centrifuge, boil for 10min, directly load, stain and decolorize the steps as follows: Put the gel into the microwave oven for proper amount of dyeing solution for 1min (the next appropriate point Acetic acid can be used, and the dyeing solution can be replaced with a large amount of water (tap water) and cooked in a microwave for 10 minutes. After expressing the recombinant protein, the cells were disrupted by ultrasonic wave, using an ice bath, 400w, and breaking for 2s for 1s, but a large amount of foam was generated in a short time, which affected the crushing power, and both pbs and tris buffers were the same. And my protein of interest is in these unbroken cells.

 1. Bubbles will be generated because your probe position is not set. The ultrasonic breaker probe must be close to the bottom, about 1cm (recommended 0.5mm from the bottom). The power will vary depending on the instrument, but you can observe the liquid level, fluctuating but not too intense.

2. Break 3s for 10s, crush 20-30 cycles to observe the effect.

3. Also pay attention to the position of the probe. If the sound is wrong, it should be adjusted in time. In addition, it can be considered from the viewpoint of the concentration of bacteria. Try to increase the volume when using ultrasonic crushing, the amplitude should not exceed 60%.

4. Try to stop 8s for 8s. For some bacterial proteins, it is usually difficult to dissipate heat, which leads to protein denaturation and bubbles. It is better to pause for a little longer. This is more common in the form of inclusion bodies. If you switch to a Branson ultrasonic breaker to work, the pause period can be appropriately reduced due to the small heat consumption.


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