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Graphene Power Adjustable LCD Display Ultrasonic Processor

Graphene Power Adjustable LCD Display Ultrasonic Processor

Advantages: Widely used in the field such as biology, chemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, physics, zoology, agronomy, medicalscience, pharmacy for teaching, scientific research and production. Features: 1. LCD display. 2. 50 groups of program data can be stored. 3. Temperature monitor:...

Ultrasonic cell shredder instructions:

1. Connect the instrument as shown. Use a dedicated power cord to connect the power input connector on the back of the generator (110V / 60HZ 220VAC 50Hz), connect the signal input interface of the transducer component to the signal output interface of the generator, connect the temperature sensor to the thermometer interface, and switch the transducer The component is inserted into a special hole in the middle of the top of the soundproof box, and the broken material is placed on the lifting platform of the soundproof box, and the lifting platform is raised to the horn to be immersed in the solution 10mm-15mm. That is, the installation of the instrument is completed.

2. Check if the horn selector switch on the rear panel of the instrument is selected at the position corresponding to the horn. Generally, new instruments or new horns should correspond to the selector switch.

3. Turn on the power switch and the indicator light is on.

4. Data setting or query:

5. Press the reset button and the instrument will restart.