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SB-5200DT Series 10l Ultrasonic Cleaner For Sale

SB-5200DT Series 10l Ultrasonic Cleaner For Sale

Features: 1 Digital display and setting ultrasonic cleaning time 2 Display woking countdown time 3 Display actual temperature of the cleaning tank 4 Temperature setting range: Ambient temperature-80℃ 5 Timing range: 1-99 minutes adjustable 6 Equipped with a special stainless steel basket, reduce...


       Nowadays, cleaning tasks in many industries are getting heavier and heavier, and traditional manual cleaning has gradually failed to solve the problem. Under this background, ultrasonic cleaning machines with no pollution to the environment and less manpower have emerged. Ultrasonic cleaning machines can know from their names that the main principle of their work is the use of ultrasound. People usually do not listen to ultrasound. As a result, ultrasound is used in many ways, such as ultrasound in the medical field.


1 Digital display and setting ultrasonic cleaning time

2 Display woking countdown time

3 Display actual temperature of the cleaning tank

4 Temperature setting range: Ambient temperature-80℃

5 Timing range: 1-99 minutes adjustable 

6 Equipped with a special stainless steel basket, reduce sound cover

7 The shell and cover are made by stainless steel 

8 The equipment controlled by Single-chip controller

9 The lastest working parameters can be stored in memory after power-off 



1. The equipment must be grounded as standard.

2. Do not use the wet hand to operate the button to prevent the cleaning fluid from immersing inside the potentiometer, causing the machine to malfunction or damage the device. The workpiece placement is subject to the actual material frame loading. It is not allowed to blindly place the frame due to the increase in the number of cleaning. The material frame is severely deformed. If the connection position is found to be desoldered, it should be repaired immediately.

3. Parts cleaning has no obvious aging effect on the parts made of rubber, plastic, etc., but the surface spray paint or parts paint surface can not be damaged, please be careful to put it into the cleaning tank. Parts that are not resistant to high temperatures and water intrusion (such as various sensors on the vehicle) should not be washed in the pool.

4. Each time water is added, it must be added to the liquid level requirement (liquid depth > 40cm); do not add boiling water directly into the cleaning tank) to prevent cascading damage. Ultrasonic cleaning should not be air agitated during work. Do not start ultrasonic and heat without liquid. An exception must occur during operation and the device must be suspended before the device is removed.

5. The control cabinet should be placed in a ventilated and dry position. If the water is accidentally inside, it should be powered off. Make sure there is no abnormality in drying before turning it on. If the equipment is damaged, the wiring should be strictly in accordance with the electrical schematic diagram. The wiring method cannot be replaced at will. It is better to replace the components of the same type with the replacement of components.

6. No electrical operation certificate is not allowed to repair or move any component in the control cabinet.

Maintenance and maintenance

This machine is a valuable equipment and should be used, maintained and maintained by a dedicated person. Check the equipment regularly.

a) Check the power supply and output line for loose, overheated, damp and poor contact.

b) Check the ultrasonic power supply cooling fan grille to remove dust from the surface of the net.

c) Check the tightness of the bottom of the cleaning tank for any leaks.

d) If the ultrasonic vibrator is found to be detached or the power tube is burnt, please contact the factory.

e) Try to avoid working for a long time during use to prolong the service life.

Packaging & Shipping

Delivery detail:

UPS/DHL/FEDEX/TNT express are available for your choose which take 3~ 5 days to arrive,and  we will offer the tracking number for you to check the status of your items online at any time. 

 By air cargo which takes about one week to arrive .

 By sea which takes about 20-30days to arrive , depending on your actual requirements.










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