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Best Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner is designed to apply a cavitation effect produced in the cleaning liquid by means of ultrasonic waves.It can accelerate dissolution and decomposition of dirty and grease from parts being cleaned and has a perfect cleaning effect on blind hole and interior holes of the...

Application field

Ultrasonic cleaning machines are widely used in surface coating processing industry, machinery industry, electronics industry, medical industry, semiconductor industry, watch and jewelry industry, optical industry, textile printing and dyeing industry. Other industries, etc., the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine is as follows

1. Surface spray treatment industry: (cleaning attachments: oil, mechanical chips, abrasives, dust, polishing wax) Removal of carbon deposits before plating, removal of oxide scales, removal of polishing paste, degreasing and derusting, cleaning before ion plating, Phosphating treatment, metal workpiece surface activation treatment, etc. Stainless steel polishing products, stainless steel knives, tableware, knives, locks, lighting, pre-painting of hand ornaments, pre-plating cleaning.

2. Machinery industry: (cleaning attachments: cutting oil, abrasive grains, iron filings, dust, fingerprints)

Removal of rust preventive grease; cleaning of measuring tools; degreasing and derusting of mechanical parts; engine, engine parts, gearbox, damper, bearing bush, grease nipple, cylinder block, valve body, carburetor and auto parts and chassis paint Cleaning before degreasing, descaling, phosphating; cleaning of filters, piston fittings, and screens. Precision mechanical parts, compressor parts, camera parts, bearings, hardware parts, molds, especially in the railway industry, are suitable for degreasing and decontaminating train compartment air conditioners, rust prevention, rust removal and degreasing of various parts of the train head.

Technical Parameters

● Digital display and setting ultrasonic cleaning time

● Display woking countdown time

● Timing range: 1-600 minutes adjustable

● Equipped with a special stainless steel basket, reduce sound cover

● The shell and cover are made by stainless steel

● The equipment controlled by Single-chip controller

● The lastest working parameters can be stored in memory after power-off


Main Technical Parameters:


Judging the failure of the ultrasonic cleaner

1. The ultrasonic cleaner turns on the power switch, the indicator light is off, and there is no ultrasonic output.

Cause: A. The power switch is damaged and there is no power input;

             B. The fuse ACFU is blown.

2. After the ultrasonic cleaner turns on the power switch, the indicator light is on, but there is no ultrasonic output.

Reason: A. The connection plug between the transducer and the ultrasonic power board is loose;

             B. The fuse DCFU is blown;

            C. Ultrasonic power generator failure;

            D. The transducer is faulty.

3. Ultrasonic cleaning machine DC fuse DCFU is blown.

Reason: A. The rectifier bridge or power tube is burned;

            B. The transducer is faulty.

4. After the ultrasonic cleaning machine turns on the power switch, the machine has ultrasonic output, but the cleaning effect is not as good.

Cause: The cleaning liquid level in the cleaning tank is improper;

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