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Scientz-09 Digital Display Laboratory Paddle Blenders

Scientz-09 Digital Display Laboratory Paddle Blenders

Germfree Homogenizer,also known as flap homogenizer, is widely used in the homogenization treatment for animal tissue and biological samples, also used for the following testing areas: food, pharmaceutial, cosmetics, clinics molecule, toxin and bacteria,particularly suitable for preparation of...

Scientz brand tapping homogenizer is widely used in food microbial analysis; homogenization of animal tissues, biological samples and cosmetics; meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, biscuits; microbial analysis of drugs. The process of extracting bacteria from a solid sample becomes simple to operate by simply adding the sample and diluent to a sterile sample bag and then placing the sample bag in a tapping homogenizer to complete the sample processing. The sample processing and preparation time is reduced, and the processed sample solution can be directly sampled and analyzed without the risk of sample change and cross-contamination.

product features

: ● Large screen LCD display.

● Adjustable homogenization time and homogenization speed.

● Can store ten groups of multi-segment working procedures.

● Sterile disposable filter bags to ensure hygiene and safety.

●Picker can adjust the distance between front and rear.

● Glass transparent window is easy to observe.

● Fully open door for easy cleaning.

● The tapping homogenizer has a power failure data recovery memory function.

●Picker can adjust the front and back distance, so that the processing of thick/thin samples can achieve good homogenization effect.

●The homogenization is soft, the sample is non-polluting, no damage, no heating, no need for sterilization, no need to wash the utensils.

●The sample is not in contact with the homogenizer and no system cleaning is required.

●A beep will sound automatically after the smashing homogenizer is smashed.

● Confirm the function of running status, speed and time through the LCD.

● For the safety of the operator, an automatic stop switch device is designed to prevent the operator from pinching the finger



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