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Capacity 3-400ml Food Blender

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Aseptic homogenizer maintenance and troubleshooting

   The aseptic homogenizer makes it easy to extract bacteria and cell tissue from solid samples by simply adding the sample and diluent to a dedicated sterile sample bag, placing it in a homogenizer, and closing the door. After the easy setting, the slap homogenization and the completion of the sample processing are automatically started. The device effectively separates particles contained within and on the surface of the solid sample, uniform samples, and ensures that the sample mixed in the sterile bag is sufficiently representative. The operation is simple, convenient and time-consuming. Disposable sterile homogenized bag at one time, no need for cumbersome cleaning work after work, the sample is placed in a disposable sterile homogenized bag, which can effectively prevent cross-contamination and protect the safety of the operator.

In order to ensure that the instrument remains in optimal condition for a long time, it should be maintained frequently. We recommend the following suggestions for operating methods, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc. that need to be observed during use:


(1) The power plug must be inserted tightly. Looseness may affect the computer controller to cause a crash. If there is a crash, please turn off the rear power switch and restart after 3 minutes of shutdown.

(2) Do not open the homogenizer door when working on the hammer plate to avoid overflow of the sample liquid. The “on/off” button should be pressed and the device automatically stops running. When the door is closed, press the “ON/STOP” button again and the device will automatically complete the rest of the work.

(3) If the instrument is not used for a long time, the power should be cut off and the plug should be removed.

(4) The bottom of the homogenizer door prevents accidental rupture of the homogeneous bag, which is convenient for cleaning the spill. The bottom design is empty, and the water tray can be placed. Therefore, do not extend the hand from the bottom when the instrument is running, so as not to smash the finger. .

(5) Before the machine is running, please check whether there is any foreign matter in the homogenizer to avoid malfunction and damage to the homogenized bag during work.

(6) Hard blocks, bones, and ice-like substances should not be used to avoid damage to the homogeneous bag.

(7) The instrument and the homogenized bag should be stored away from direct sunlight. In particular, the homogenized bag should be stored in a place free of sunlight or ultraviolet rays to avoid aging.

(8) When the amount is low, when the speed is high, when the homogenous fiber is tough, the rear knob can be used to adjust the spacing between the slap plate and the window to achieve better homogenization.

Maintenance of the instrument:

Wipe the instrument casing and the hammering plate in the homogenizing box with a clean rag. In particular, the homogenized bag should be cleaned after being damaged. Always turn off the power when performing this work.

Instrument failure and troubleshooting:

(1) If the LCD does not display when the instrument is not operating under the condition that the door is closed, check whether the power supply is properly connected and the fuse is intact.

(2) The instrument is running abnormally, check if the connecting bolts and the hammer plate are loose. After long-term work, if the hammer and the sleeve are dry and dry, it is necessary to clean up and add new grease.



Scientz-04 /Scientz-09/Scientz-11L Laboratory Paddle Blenders     

Optional accessories of Lab blenders

■Filter homogeneous bag
■Disposable sterile tube
■Drip tray




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