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Adjustable Power Speed LCD Display Stomacher Vacuum Stainless Steel Mini Blender

Main Technical Parameters 1.Rattling Time:0.1~99 minutes(to 0.1minutes step)or 6~5940 seconds 2.Rattling speed:3~12 times/sec(to 0.1 times/second step) Display the actual rattling number, the system automatically adjusts the slap speed Multi-stage programming can be designed: parametric groups...

Model No :Scientz-11L

Application Range :

allows the process to extract bacteria from solid samples becomes very simple, just to sample and diluentinto a sterile sample bag, and then the sample bag into the slap homogenizerto complete the processing of the sample. Effective separation of micro-organisms are included in the internal and the surface of the solid samples homogeneous sample to ensure that the sterile bagmixed samples. Treatment of the sample solution can be directly carried out the sampling and analysis, there is no change and the risk of cross contamination of samples.

Application areas: Food Microbiology; homogenization of animal tissue, biological samples, cosmetics; meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, biscuits;drugs microbiological analysis

Main Technical Parameters

 Rattling Time0.199 minutesto 0.1minutes stepor 65940 seconds

 Rattling speed312 times/secto 0.1 times/second step

        Display the actual rattling number, the system automatically adjusts the slap speed

        Multi-stage programming can be designed: parametric groups can be set according to one's wishes.

 Parameter storageMore than 10 groups of multi-stage programming parameters are stored

 Effective Volume3400ml

 Slap BoxStainless steel



 Maximum Power300W

 Sterile bag17x30cm


 Rattling Spacing05mm adjustable

 Soft-start modeGentle start


 Pause FunctionTo ensure sample security

          With auto-stop anti-trap feature

          Removable windows and adjustable slap board, toughened glass security door




样品架( Sample Holder).jpg

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