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3-400ml Best Blender Lab Blender

Germfree Homogenizer,also known as flap homogenizer, is widely used in the homogenization treatment for animal tissue and biological samples, also used for the following testing areas: food, pharmaceutial, cosmetics, clinics molecule, toxin and bacteria,particularly suitable for preparation of...

Homogenization is a technology that is often used in the production of food or chemical industries. Homogenization in food processing

It means that the material of the material is refined under the triple action of extrusion, strong impact and pressure loss expansion.

So that the materials can be more evenly mixed with each other, such as the use of homogenizers in milk processing to make milk

The fat is broken more finely, making the entire product system more stable.

Homogeneous purpose and process requirements

1 Prevent fat from floating up, break the milk fat globules and distribute them evenly in milk;

2 uniformly dispersing various solid substances in the milk in the milk;

3 Improve the tissue state and taste of the milk raw materials, and improve the digestion and absorption rate.

(2) The process requires preheating before homogenization, reaching 60 °C ~ 65 °C; the homogenization method generally adopts two-stage: the first stage homogenization uses higher pressure (16.7 ~ 20.6MPa), the purpose is to break fat ball. The second stage is homogenized using low pressure (3.4 ~ 4.9MPa), the purpose is to disperse the broken small fat globules to prevent adhesion.

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