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  • Ultrasonic Homogenizer

    Ultrasonic Homogenizer

    new type of ultrasonic homogenizer,it enjoys complete functions, novel appearance and reliable performance.It has a large-screen display and concentrated control by a central computer.The ultrasonic time and power can be set accordingly. Besides, such functions as sample temperature display, actual.frequency display, computerized tracking
  • Water Bath

    Water Bath

    Using enviromentally friendly CFC-free refrigeration technology to meet the requirements of enviromental protection.Full-enclosed air-cooled compressor cooling system with thermal overload protection automatically With a power-off prion function, automatically delayed for three minutes Using a large-screen LCD display, easy to understan
  • Freeze Dryer

    Freeze Dryer

    Appearance, ergonomic design, easy operation. Imported closed compressor, high reliability, low noise.Cold trap opening big, with samples of pre-freeze function.Cold trap made of stainless steel, cold trap inside the disk management, clean corrosion.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Multitronic control system featuring seven standard programmes(pre-wash,super quick, fast, rinsing, economy, standard, powerful washing) and one custom programme slot.Automatic contamination discharging: double pump structure, double stainless steel filter
  • Stomacher Blender

    Stomacher Blender

    By using the grinding mechanism, the plant and animal tissues were treated with soft homogenization, and the cytoplasm and mitochondria needed for the experiment were obtained. The utility model is suitable for biology, medicine, agriculture, etc. the utility model has the characteristics of low speed, large torque, no noise, etc..
  • Autoclave /Sealing machine /drinker

    Autoclave /Sealing machine /drinker

    It with thermal air ventilation and drying cycle, handles Class N type instruments. Automatic diagnostic and alarm system is installed. Pressure Steam Sterilization Equipments
  • Gene Transduction Device

    Gene Transduction Device

    Gene Gun technology (particle bombardment is a all-new gene delivery technology ,in which the genetic material or other subastances attached to a high speed microbomb are shot directly into the cells
  • Flake Ice Maker

    Flake Ice Maker

    The machine especially suit able for laboratories ,research institute ,hospital ,schools etc ,it's also be used in supermarket food preservation ,fishing refrigeration ,medical applications chemical ,food processing and other industies
  • Varible Speed Disperse

    Varible Speed Disperse

    Principle: A small steel ball (or zirconia ball) is added to a grinding tank or centrifuge tube, and the grinding tank or adapter is vertically vibrating. The ball is struck at high speed under high frequency vibration to grind the sample. It adopts grinding ball to grind the sample, which make the grinding of the sample more uniform an
  • High Pressure Homogenizer

    High Pressure Homogenizer

    High pressure homogenizer using the material in the special role of plunger into the valve which it is adjustable pressure, after a certain width limiting slot (work area), transient voltage loss of material at high velocity (1000-1500 M / sec) from impact on one of the components of the collision of the valve ring, three effects: cavitat
  • Rotary Mixer

    Rotary Mixer

    HS-3 and DH-II Mixer are widely used in medicine, agriculture, biological engineering samples of mixed, alternative manual shaking, easy to use, simple operation, one can be placed at the same time a variety of centrifuge tube. Allow 24 hours of continuous work, can be placed in the refrigerator.
  • Incubator
  • High-Throughput Tissue Grinder
  • Hybridization Oven
  • ultraviolet cross linker
  • HIGH-Speed Dispersator
  • Glass Homogenizer
  • Syncretize Electric
  • Processor Cellpress
  • Drug Testing Instrument
  • Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
  • Multi Block Thermal Cycler
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Medical Equipment