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high throughput tissuelyser

  • DY89-II Adjustable Speed Glass Homogenizer

    DY89-II Adjustable Speed Glass HomogenizerDY89-II GLASS HOMOGENIZER 8370 On the principle of grinding mechanism, the system is designed to homogenize the animal and plant tissue in a soft manner , so as to get the cytoplasm and mitochondria for experiment. Applicable to biology, pharmacy, agriculture and other areas.It has the...Read More

  • S10 Variable Speed Disperse

    S10 Variable Speed DisperseS10 High-speed Homogenizer S10 model High-speed homogenizer (alias: tissue-pounding machine,powder-dispersive machine),is suited to liquid mixing,emulsion,homogenization dispersion of solid powder in a liquid, animal tissue crushing and homogenization. The machine is designed to bring about a...Read More

  • Scientz-48 Touch Display High Throughput Tissuelyser

    Scientz-48 Touch Display High Throughput TissuelyserHigh-throughput Tissue Grinder High-throughput tissue grinder can grind 4× 96 pcs samples fast and efficient at the same time within 3 minutes. Can do dry grinding, wet grinding and mixing and homogenization . Sample categories include: plant tissue (rice, corn, wheat, beans, peanuts , ) animal...Read More

  • XHF-DY LCD Display Speed Adjustable Disperse

    XHF-DY LCD Display Speed Adjustable DisperseThe main part of the instruments is the plum-form crushing blades made of 316 special stainless steel. The knife is driven by a high-speed miniature motor manipulated by a speed-adjustable electronic controller. By means of the high-speed rotary movement of the internal cutting blades, the...Read More