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UV radiation system

  • Medical Uv Crosslinker

    Medical Uv CrosslinkerThe UV cross-linker is a versatile 254 nm UV radiation system that is primarily used to immobilize nucleic acids on membranes. It can also be used for DNA cleavage in agarose gel, RecA mutation screening, partial restriction endonuclease digestion by pyrimidine dimer, UV sterilization to...Read More

  • Cold Chmaber Size 300*405 7-inch True Color Touch LCD Screen Control System Freeze Dryer

    Cold Chmaber Size 300*405 7-inch True Color Touch LCD Screen Control System Freeze DryerND series freeze dryer (electric heating type) FREEZE-DRYING SYSTEM The ND freeze-dryer adds heating to the N-series, accelerating the drying process, saving energy, and providing heating curve settings with a variety of drying solutions for laboratory use. This series of freeze dryer is divided...Read More

  • Laboratory High Pressure Homogenizer With Cooling System

    Laboratory High Pressure Homogenizer With Cooling SystemSCIENTZ-150 High Pressure Homogenizer ZL200910099490.4 HIGH PRESSURE HOMOGENIZER 8435 High pressure homogenizer using the material in the special role of plunger into the valve which it is adjustable pressure, after a certain width limiting slot (work area), transient voltage loss of material at...Read More

  • Uv Vis Spectrophotometer Price

    Uv Vis Spectrophotometer PriceA spectrophotometer , also known as a spectrometer, is a scientific instrument that decomposes complex light into spectral lines. The measurement range generally includes a visible light region having a wavelength range of 380 to 780 nm and an ultraviolet light region having a wavelength range...Read More

  • Dissolution Sampling System

    Dissolution Sampling SystemFeatures: 1. 26ml high precision and high pressure PEEK head syringe The patented technology can realize the effective sampling amount of 20ml at a single time, and it can withstand the pressure of 0.4mpa, and filter the viscous samples without leakage. PEEK heads are more resistant to corrosion...Read More

  • Scientz03-II UV Fixer

    Scientz03-II UV FixerScientz03-II Fixer is a multi-function at instrument of UV radiation system and mainly used in fixing DNA on membrane. It can also be used to cut DNA in agarose gel ,to select RecA mutation, partly digest thymine dimmer by restriction endonucleseas, to eliminate the PCR contamination by means of...Read More

  • Spectrophotometer Uv-vis

    Spectrophotometer Uv-visDual beam UV-visible spectrophotometer function: Photometric testing, quantitative testing (standard curve), wavelength scanning (spectral scanning), time scanning (kinetics), nucleic acid protein testing, multi-wavelength testing, system applications, etc. Online function: (standard PC scanning...Read More

  • CRY-3B Laboratory Electric Cell Fusion System

    CRY-3B Laboratory Electric Cell Fusion SystemCRY - 3B Syncretize Electric suitable for cell hybridization and cell fusion and direct observations can be made under inverted microscopes. It has a widespread application in the research on microorganism, animal medicine and bio-engineering. It provides safety, ease of use, and efficiency as...Read More

  • Uv Crosslinker

    Uv CrosslinkerInstrument characteristics In order to immobilize the nucleotide on the hybridization membrane, the conventional method is to expose the membrane to a vacuum oven at 80 ° C for 2 hours, and it is only necessary to irradiate the ultraviolet light at 254 nm for several seconds on the ultraviolet...Read More