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UV device

  • Scientz03-II UV Fixer

    Scientz03-II UV FixerScientz03-II Fixer is a multi-function at instrument of UV radiation system and mainly used in fixing DNA on membrane. It can also be used to cut DNA in agarose gel ,to select RecA mutation, partly digest thymine dimmer by restriction endonucleseas, to eliminate the PCR contamination by means of...Read More

  • Scientz03-II 312nm Gene Transduction Device Or Hybridization

    Scientz03-II 312nm Gene Transduction Device Or HybridizationScientz03 - II UV Fixer is a kind of multi-purpose 254 nm uv radiation system, nucleic acid is mainly used for cross-linking on the membrane.Can also be used for the DNA agarose gel cutting, RecA mutation screening, pyrimidine dimer of some restriction enzyme digestion, UV sterilization...Read More