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  • SCIENTZ-2C Touch Display Gene Electroporator Intelligent

    SCIENTZ-2C Touch Display Gene Electroporator IntelligentSCIENTZ-2C Gene electroporator (intelligent) Patent Number : 200630105829.4 СЄ The instrument is widely applicable to the electro-perforation of microorganism cells of animals and plants and is also used for cell hybrid and mixing as well as gene electroporation. The instrument is of a complete...Read More

  • Scientz03-II UV Fixer

    Scientz03-II UV FixerScientz03-II Fixer is a multi-function at instrument of UV radiation system and mainly used in fixing DNA on membrane. It can also be used to cut DNA in agarose gel ,to select RecA mutation, partly digest thymine dimmer by restriction endonucleseas, to eliminate the PCR contamination by means of...Read More

  • Portable Gene Gun SJ-500

    Portable Gene Gun SJ-500Patent no: ZL01 105513.8 200630105826.0 200920114750.6 СЄ SJ-500 Protable Gene Gun Patent Number : ZL01 105513.8 200630105826.0 200920114750.6 СЄ This product is a convenient hand-held devices,which can direct gene transfer rang in situ.The adjustable press of helium drives the metal-powder...Read More

  • LF-III Heating Function Hybridization Oven

    LF-III Heating Function Hybridization OvenHybridization oven is an ideal laboratory for hybrid technology in modern laboratories, which replaces plastic hybrid bags and water bath shakers and avoids the risk of contamination of hybrid bags. The machine uses microchip control and hot air convection technology, providing accurate...Read More

  • High Pressure Gas Gene Gun GJ-1000

    High Pressure Gas Gene Gun GJ-1000Patent Number : ZL99124246.7 200630105830.7 СЄ Gene gun technology (particle bombardment) is a all-new gene-delivery technology, also a physical method, in which the genetic material or other substances attached to a high-speed microbomb are shot directltly into the cells, so it is a late...Read More