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  • Gene Electroporator Scientz-2C

    Gene Electroporator Scientz-2CElectricity transformation can be used to putting the DNA into the state of bacteria, animal and plant cells, yeast cells.Relative chemical method, electric reforming process can obtain higher efficiency.This method is better than other methods to get repetitive more, easy to operate and save...Read More

  • SCIENTZ-2C Touch Display Gene Electroporator Intelligent

    SCIENTZ-2C Touch Display Gene Electroporator IntelligentSCIENTZ-2C Gene electroporator (intelligent) Patent Number : 200630105829.4 СЄ The instrument is widely applicable to the electro-perforation of microorganism cells of animals and plants and is also used for cell hybrid and mixing as well as gene electroporation. The instrument is of a complete...Read More