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15L per hour high pressure homogenizer

  • JG-IA Processor Cell Press

    JG-IA Processor Cell PressJG-IA Ultra High Pressure Homogenizer The highest pressure of JG-IA is 256Mpa (37120PSi), which can satisfy many cell wall breaking and nano homogenization / dispersion of sample, and realize effective temperature control at the same time. ■ Continuously adjustable pressure , 0-37,120 psi ■...Read More

  • SCIENTZ-207 Ultra High Pressure Homogenizer

    SCIENTZ-207 Ultra High Pressure HomogenizerSCIENTZ-207 High pressure homogenizer ※ The maximum working pressure 1800bar / 180Mpa / 26100psi pressure adjustable ※ The maximum design pressure is 2070bar / 207Mpa / 30015psi ※ Maximum processing capacity 15 L / H (250ml / min) ※ The minimum volume processing capacity of 15ml ※ Material...Read More

  • SCIENTZ-150 High Pressure Homogenizer

    SCIENTZ-150 High Pressure HomogenizerZL200910099490.4 HIGH PRESSURE HOMOGENIZER 8435 High pressure homogenizer using the material in the special role of plunger into the valve which it is adjustable pressure, after a certain width limiting slot (work area), transient voltage loss of material at high velocity (1000-1500 M / sec)...Read More