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What Are The Main Applications Of Cooling Water Circulation Machines?
Aug 02, 2017

What are the main applications of cooling water circulation machines?

Cooling water recycling machine, the main application areas:

1, Supporting low-power laser equipment such as CO2 laser cutting machine, marking machine, engraving machine, welding machine. There are multiple alarm settings, high security; small size, easy to place; sealed water tank cover, to prevent dirty air, dust pollution water quality, for the laser to provide safe and high quality heat dissipation.


2, Supporting small vacuum pumps, such as molecular pumps, oil and gas recovery pump, small Roots pump, rotary vane pump, slide valve and so on. It is easy to connect, simple operation, stable temperature, saving water, vacuum equipment to provide a stable temperature environment, providing equipment operating efficiency.


3, Supporting the core components of machine tools, such as CNC machine tools, presses, planer, cutting bed and so on. Its active cooling, safe and stable, compact shape, for the machine to provide a good cooling environment.