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Ultrasonic Homogenizer Using Notice
Aug 02, 2017

Ultrasonic homogenizer Using notice


Ultrasonic homogenizer use good and bad, will be directly reflected in its life, so in the daily use of the process, the operator must pay attention to some matters to prevent the instrument failure, affecting the normal use. In addition to pay attention to use, maintenance is also very important, the following we focus on the use of attention to the matter:


1, It is strictly forbidden in the ultrasonic homogenizer horn not inserted into the liquid (no load) when the boot, otherwise it will damage the transducer or ultrasonic generator.


2, The amount of a variety of cell crushing, the length of time, power size, to be based on a variety of different cells and then try to identify, select the best value.


3, Ultrasonic homogenizer with no power frequency transformer switching power supply, after opening the generator case do not touch, to prevent electric shock. The instrument performance is reliable, generally easy to damage.


4, In the ultrasonic crushing, due to ultrasonic cavitation effect in the liquid, so that the liquid temperature will soon rise, it is recommended to use a short time (each time not more than 5 seconds) multiple crushing, while the ice bath can be cooled or Matching the company's low temperature circulating pump.


5, The power meter shows the value and voltage, horn insertion depth and load and broken sample concentration, consistency, the horn inserted into the liquid surface deeper, the load concentration is large, the display value may be slightly smaller, On the contrary slightly higher


6, A short time to work more than a long time to work better than the effect, in order to prevent the liquid heat, can set a longer gap time, non-stop working for a long time easy to form no-load, shorten the life of ultrasonic homogenizer.