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Thermostats Shipped By Russian Customers
Dec 30, 2018

Ningbo Scientz thermostats are available in a variety of series and functions to provide a cold-heat-controlled, uniform temperature liquid environment for the user's work. Constant temperature testing or testing of test samples or products can also be used as direct heating. Or a heat or cold source for cooling and auxiliary heating or cooling.

SC series has oil tank, the water tank has heating cycle function

DC dual temperature series has heating and cooling functions

DLK series chiller

CK series has heating, cooling and program control functions

SCG series water bath has heating function

GDH and GH series have high precision, heating and cooling functions

The equipment ordered by Russian guests is DLK series and DC series. The customer has purchased the thermostat instrument from our company many times, and feedback the performance of the instrument is stable and the market is very large.