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The Working Principle Of The Pulverizer
Aug 03, 2018

When the mill is running, the motor drives the main shaft and the turbine to rotate at high speed (its speed Zui is as high as 700r/min). The grinding block of the turbine and the sieve ring forms a crushing and grinding pair, and its structure is compact.

When the material is entered into the chamber by the feeding bucket, the material entering the chamber is closely rubbed and strongly impacted on the inner edge of the turbine blade in the rotating air flow, and again lapping in the gap between the blade and the grinding block. At the same time of crushing and grinding the material, the turbine sucked a lot of air, which played the role of cooling the machine, grinding material and transporting fine material: the fineness of the material crushed depends on the nature of the material and the size of the sieve, and the amount of material and air.

The bearing parts of the crusher (crusher) are equipped with a special labyrinth seal, which can effectively prevent dust from entering the bearing chamber, thus prolonging the life of the bearing. The machine door is equipped with two O rubber seals, which pollute the operating environment without dust leakage.