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The Working Principle Of Freeze Dryer
Jul 03, 2017

Refrigeration compressor will be in the evaporator low-pressure (low-temperature) refrigerant inhalation compressor cylinder, refrigerant steam after compression, pressure, the temperature rises at the same time, the refrigerant steam of high pressure and high temperature is pressed to the condenser, in the condenser, the high temperature refrigerant steam and the temperature lower cooling water or the air carries on the heat exchange, the refrigerant heat is taken away by the water or the air to condense down, the refrigerant steam becomes the liquid This part of the liquid is then transported to the expansion valve, after the expansion valve throttling into a low-temperature low-pressure liquid and into the evaporator, in the evaporator low-temperature, low-pressure refrigerant liquid absorption of compressed air heat and vaporization (commonly known as "evaporation"), the compressed air cools and condenses a large amount of liquid water; the refrigerant vapor in the evaporator is sucked away by the compressor, so that the refrigerant in the system through compression, condensation, throttling, evaporation of such four processes, thus completing a cycle.