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National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo
Nov 06, 2018

National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo

2018 (Autumn) China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo is being held in Wuhan International Expo Center. Scientz Biotechnology (stock code 430685) team carried a variety of instruments at the drug machine exhibition (Booth No.: Preparation Machinery Building II A5-16): In situ Freeze dryer, multi-manifold freeze dryer, ordinary freeze dryer, vacuum freeze dryer control system, bell-type freeze dryer, integrated freeze centrifugal concentrator (; Low temperature thermostat, tapping homogenizer, ultrasonic pulverizer, ultrasonic cleaning machine (; drug testing product dissolution tester, intelligent disintegration instrument, dissolution sampling collection system.

Scientz booth (Formulation Machinery Building II A5-16)


Indian customers inquire about dissolution testers and other products


The drug machine show is still in full swing. If you need to know about lyophilization, Scientz Biotechnology is here; if you need to know sample preparation, Scientz Biotechnology welcomes your inquiry; if you need to dissolve and sample, Scientz Biotechnology can also help you. service! We are at the Wuhan International Exhibition Center Preparation Machinery Building II A5-16 here, to meet you at the Wuhan Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition!