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Introduction Of Structural Characteristics Of High Pressure Homogenizer
Sep 02, 2017

Introduction of Structural Characteristics of

High Pressure Homogenizer


High pressure homogenizer structural features:


1, the use of plunger horizontal movement structure, and the plunger vertical (up and down) movement of the experimental machine compared to the plunger can spray cooling water, thus extending the life of the plunger seal;


2, the material will not leak into the fuel tank, will not pollute the external work environment;


3, the transmission part of the lubricating oil can make the connecting rod, cross head and so on to be effective lubrication, do not need to start each time before the grease to work with trouble;


4, the overall shape of the cube, the appearance of its easy to operate, and can facilitate the handling of wheels;


5, work only 1 liter material to be able to do experiments.