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Industrial Food Vacuum Lyophilizer
Jan 05, 2019

Ningbo Scientz Biotechnology CO., LTD is a high-tech enterprise specializing in food vacuum freeze-drying technology development and equipment design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning. It has rich experience in theory and practice in the technical fields of machinery, vacuum, refrigeration, thermal engineering, electronics and automatic control involved in food freeze dryers.

The lyophilized food is obtained by rapidly freezing the fresh food and then feeding it into a vacuum vessel for dehydration. Under vacuum conditions, the moisture is raised from the solid ice to the gas, thereby dehydrating and drying the material. The food made by the freeze-drying process not only has color, aroma, taste and shape, but also preserves vitamins, proteins and other nutrients in the food.

Before eating, it will be processed slightly and will be restored to fresh food within a few minutes. Freeze-dried foods should not be refrigerated. After being sealed and packaged, they can be stored, transported and sold at room temperature for a long time.

Since lyophilized food has 5% water content, good quality and light weight can greatly reduce its operating expenses. For example, after the tomato sauce is processed by lyophilization, 1000 g of fresh tomato sauce can be processed into 320 g of lyophilized ketchup powder, which is restored to ketchup with the addition of water. Loved by people. Today, freeze-dried tomato sauce has become a replacement for ketchup. In the production of vacuum freeze-dried food, there are generally processes such as material selection, cleaning, cutting, blanching, and sterilization.