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Nov 21, 2017

How to use water bath


Water bath is mainly used in laboratory distillation, drying, concentration, and temperature stain chemicals or biological products, but also can be used for constant temperature heating and other temperature tests, biological, genetic, viruses, aquatic products and other essential tools.


Water bath use and precautions:

1, the electronic water bath should be placed on a fixed platform, the first hose clamp the drain, and then water into the water bath tank injection (to shorten the heating time, can also be injected into the hot water


2,Turn on the temperature control knob to set the temperature (clockwise, counterclockwise cooling), the water starts to be heated, the indicator ON; when the temperature rises to the set temperature , Indicator OFF light, water began to be thermostat.


3, after the water bath thermostat, will be equipped with a container to be thermostat placed in a water bath to start the thermostat.


4, constant temperature in order to ensure the effect of constant temperature, the container in contact with the container parts sealed with cardboard, thermostatic containers should be lower than the thermostatic water bath water bath surface