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High Pressure Homogenizer Working Principle
Jul 27, 2018

High pressure homogenizer working principle

The Scientz-150 high-pressure homogenizer produced by our company is a miniaturized benchtop biological sample processing device specially designed for cell crushing or material homogenization in laboratories and small-scale production in bioengineering.

The working principle of the high pressure homogenizer:

The material enters the high-pressure cell chamber through the material cup and is pressurized, and enters the valve group with adjustable pressure under the action of the plunger. After a certain width of the current-limiting slit (working area), the material with instantaneous loss of pressure has a very high flow rate. (1000 to 1500 m/s) is ejected and collides with the collision ring of one of the valve assemblies, causing a cavity, impact, and shearing effect, causing the material passing through the collision ring to be strongly pulverized and refined.

Affectionate tips:

The working principle of this machine is the same as that used in large-scale industrial production. It differs only in some local structures. Therefore, the test results of this machine can be directly transplanted and amplified into large-scale industrial production.

This machine has a variety of optional accessories, and also accepts special orders from customers according to specific requirements to meet the needs of users' special products and processes.


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