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Flake Ice Maker Working Principle
Jun 08, 2018

Flake Ice Maker working principle:

    1, the amount of ice required for salt water (in jargon is called dosing)! To see the amount of ice modulation pump (plunger pump) automatic adjustment.

    2. The body of the ice maker is divided into a certain density of copper tubes inside the cavity of the two-cavity in vitro cavity! The terminology (evaporation cavity) is what is commonly referred to as refrigeration.

    3, the outer cavity is a very regular round stainless steel cavity center with a three-leaf blade and the inner wall can adjust the distance of 3 mm. There are several sets of evenly distributed copper nozzle above the skate!

    4. The working principle is that the plunger pump will use salted water through a few filters to spray 0.2 kg of water evenly onto the surface of the inner cavity and the outer surface of the cooling surface immediately forms a 3 mm thick ice surface. Under the action of the rotating ice skate, the freshly prepared ice is dropped into small storage bins. The principle of civil ice machine is basically the same! The inner cavity is a rotating ice cube box.

    5, ice thickness can reach 1mm-2mm, and do not have ice machine, can be used at any time.