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Flake Ice Maker Dairy Maintenance And Repair
Nov 21, 2017


Flake ice maker dairy maintenance and repair


I recommend that you at least 6 months according to the following procedure for an flake ice maker maintenance, in order to obtain reliable, trouble-free operation and maximum production of ice.


Flake ice maker inspection


1. Leakage inspection of all pipes and fittings to ensure that the refrigerant pipes do not rub against other pipes, covers, etc. Do not place anything (such as a box) in front of the ice maker. Make sure the air around the ice maker is well-ventilated. This will result in higher ice making capacity and longer device life.


2. External cleaning

Frequently clean around the ice maker to keep it clean and efficient operation of the equipment. Use a sponge dipped in neutral soapy water to clean the ice maker and dry it with a clean, soft cloth.


3. Clean the condenser

A. A washable aluminum air filter in the ice maker filters dust in the air. Booty, lint and grease. It helps to keep the condenser clean. Clean air filters should use neutral soapy water.

B. Use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner with a brush to clean the outside of the condenser and clean it from top to bottom instead of from side to side. Small Do not finish the condenser fin.

C. Use flashlights to illuminate the condenser fins and check for fouling between the fins, if present, to clean them promptly.

D. Comb the bent condenser fins with fin combs.