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Classification And Application Of Homogenate Machine
Jul 03, 2017

Homogenate machine can be divided into: tissue mash homogenate machine, adjustable high speed disperser (homogenate machine), solid sample grinder.

Tissue mash homogenate machine is widely used in scientific research, medical, chemical pharmaceutical, food industry and other fields, materials in the Homogenate Cup through the motor Rotary drive rotary knife at the same time splitting, milling, mixing and other processes, is the material stirring and smashing process.

Adjustable high-speed leveling machine is a research unit, tertiary institutions, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, environmental health, forest protection and other departments of the laboratory to fine, homogenization, dispersion, strong agitation, moistening temperature, dissolved organic matter or inorganic ideal equipment. The use of high-speed series-excited motor, stable silicon control system, operation is simple.

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