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Advantages Of Ultrasonic Equipment
Jul 03, 2017

1, ultrasonic plastic welding advantages: fast welding speed, high welding strength, good sealing;

Replace the traditional welding/bonding process, low cost, clean non-polluting and do not damage the workpiece;

Welding process is stable, all welding parameters can be tracked through the software system monitoring, once found fault is easy to remove and maintain.

2, ultrasonic metal Welding Advantages: 1, welding materials are not molten, not fragile metal characteristics. 2, after welding good conductivity, the resistance coefficient is very low or near zero. 3, the welding metal surface requirements are low, oxidation or electroplating can be welded. 4, short welding time, no flux, gas, solder. 5, welding without spark, environmental safety.

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