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Teaching Model

  • Pig Acupuncture Model

    Pig Acupuncture Model

    The acupuncture model for pigs is used for reference by veterinarians. The left side shows the body shape of male Shanghai white pigs, and 55 common needle points distributed from the head and neck, trunk, buttocks and forefoot. The right side shows shallow muscles and is...Read More
  • Mini Skeleton Model

    Mini Skeleton Model

    The human body model is based on human body parameters. It can be used to accurately describe human body morphological and mechanical characteristics. It is an important auxiliary tool for research, analysis, design, testing and evaluation of human-machine systems. There have...Read More
  • Skeleton


    This life-size articulated adult plastic skeleton is ideal for teaching the basics of human anatomy. The arms and the legs are removable for studyRead More
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