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  • Binocular Biological Microscope Price

    Binocular Biological Microscope Price

    Optical microscope consists of eyepiece, objective lens, coarse eccentric spiral, fine eccentric spiral, tablet clamp, light hole, shutter, converter, mirror, stage, mirror arm, lens barrel, mirror holder, concentrator , the composition of the light. Microscope resolution...Read More
  • Electronic Eyepiece Microscope

    Electronic Eyepiece Microscope

    This series microscope is a basic model and high precision instrument designed and produced by our company.It is sepcially designed for clinical examination and teaching demonstration in medical and health establishments, laboratories, agricultural science and technology...Read More
  • Advanced Biological Microscope For Medical

    Advanced Biological Microscope For Medical

    A microscope is an optical instrument consisting of a lens or a combination of several lenses. It is a symbol of human entry into the atomic age. It is mainly used to amplify tiny objects into instruments that can be seen by human eyes. The main parameters FAQ 1. How can I...Read More
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