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Dry Bath Incubator

  • Portable Mini Metal Dry Bath

    Portable Mini Metal Dry Bath

    The constant temperature dry bath is divided into single heating type, heating and cooling type and heating and cooling oscillation type. It is a standing instrument for the clinical laboratory of the life science laboratory and a good assistant for researchers. Features: 1....Read More
  • Dry Bath Incubator For Laboratory

    Dry Bath Incubator For Laboratory

    This product can be widely used in preservation and reaction of samples, DNA amplification, electrophoresis denaturation and serum solidification, etc. Features: 1. Energy-efficient Peltier design. 2. Automatic fault detection and buzzer alarm function. 3. Electronic...Read More
  • Microprocessor Dry Bath Incubator

    Microprocessor Dry Bath Incubator

    Constant Bath Incubator is commonly used in molecular biology experiments, such as enzyme digestion, protein denaturation, melting agarose, nucleic acid amplification detection and pre-reaction, as well as sample storage, rapid serum precipitation, solidification, etc.,...Read More
  • Mini Dry Bath Incubator

    Mini Dry Bath Incubator

    The Dry Bath Incubator can be heated to a constant temperature depending on the size of the tube. In order to make the temperature of the hot block uniform, a high-density aluminum alloy material is required to ensure excellent thermal conductivity. Features: 1. LCD display,...Read More
  • Best Dry Bath Incubator

    Best Dry Bath Incubator

    The Dry Bath Incubator is controlled by a microcomputer and uses high-purity aluminum material as a heat-conducting medium to replace the traditional water bath device. It has beautiful appearance, convenient use, high precision and small size. Can be widely used in sample...Read More
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