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What requirements should be met by the cleaning fluid selected by the ultrasonic cleaner?
Aug 15, 2018

The ultrasonic cleaning machine is an efficient cleaning device. The cleaning liquid can not be ignored in the process of achieving high-efficiency cleaning. So we have to learn how to choose the most effective cleaning solution, but there are many kinds of related products on the market, which also makes the choice of users more difficult. You don't have to worry, because Xiaobian has summarized some content for your reference.

When purchasing the cleaning solution of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the first thing to consider is the cleaning efficiency of the solvent; the cleaning temperature is the second. Generally, if the temperature of the cleaning solution is relatively low during the cold weather, the cavitation effect will be poor. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve the desired cleaning effect, so it is best to control the temperature of the cleaning solution at 40-60 °C.

In addition, the use cost of the cleaning solution is also one of the purchase basis, and the cost of the inexpensive cleaning agent is not necessarily low, so the cleaning solvent selected must achieve the cleaning effect and should be compatible with the workpiece material to be cleaned. Good cleaning requirements.

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