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Ultrasonic cleaning machine precautions: Events that may cause harm to operators and equipment during use
Jul 10, 2018

1. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment must be grounded as standard.

2. Do not use the wet hand to operate the button to prevent the cleaning fluid from immersing inside the potentiometer, causing the machine to malfunction or damage the device. The workpiece placement is subject to the actual material frame loading. It is not allowed to blindly place the frame due to the increase in the number of cleaning. The material frame is severely deformed. If the connection position is found to be desoldered, it should be repaired immediately.

3. Parts cleaning has no obvious aging effect on the parts made of rubber, plastic and other raw materials, but the surface spray paint or parts paint surface can not be damaged, please be careful to put it into the cleaning pool. Parts that are not resistant to high temperatures and water intrusion (such as various sensors on the vehicle) should not be washed in the pool.

4. Each time water is added, it must be added to the liquid level requirement (liquid depth > 40 cm); do not add boiling water directly into the cleaning tank) to prevent cascading damage. Ultrasonic cleaning. Do not stir air during work. No liquid. Do not start. Ultrasound and heating. An exception must occur during operation and the device must be suspended before the device is removed.

5. The control cabinet should be placed in a ventilated and dry position. If the water is accidentally inside, it should be powered off. If the equipment is damaged, the wiring should be strictly in accordance with the electrical schematic diagram. The wiring method cannot be replaced at will. It is better to replace the components of the same type with the replacement of components.

6. No electrical operation certificate is not allowed to repair or move any component in the control cabinet.

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