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The development trend of the instrumentation industry in the next ten years
Aug 16, 2018

The world is changing, the computer is developing rapidly, the Internet is full of the whole world, information is transmitted quickly through the Internet, and the world has become one. The instrumentation industry has been breaking through the economic crisis, and the perfect combination with modern high technology and the Internet has brought about an essential change in the development of the instrumentation industry.

        Instrumentation has entered the era of networking:

        In the context of the rapid development of computers and the Internet to the whole world, instrumentation has also begun to advance to the network, such as: instrumentation automation, multi-instrument networking, dimensional multimedia, virtual instrumentation and so on. Combine the latest technology equipment, directly control instrumentation through WAN and LAN, and analyze the company's governance, business integration, and application mode. Instrumentation companies communicate directly with customers through the platform of the network, breaking through the limitations of the world and space, the exchange of direct website information, and the maintenance and analysis of experts' remote instruments. High-tech products are also coming.

        The development of instrumentation to intelligence:

        Following the development of microprocessors and artificial intelligence technology, this has brought the instrumentation industry to an intelligent development, that is to say, the instrumentation of intelligent robots. This intelligent development has also followed the digitization of technology and the advancement of intelligence. The speed of faster progress will make people's life easier.

        Technology has allowed instrumentation to move in the direction of micro:

        In order to make life more convenient, the technology staff will develop the instrumentation in a small direction. Just like the development of computers, a small chip can store tens of thousands of commands, which is not just a reduction in size. It also increases the accuracy of the instrumentation, and the error is not affecting the needs of production.

        Imagine the development of instrumentation to virtualization:

        With the perfect combination of instrumentation and computer, in order to better meet the people's satisfaction with the spiritual world, experience the thrill of many worlds, and the virtualization of instrumentation began to develop. It is immersive to accept objective things, adding a touch of creativity to the United States.

        Through the introduction of the direction of instrumentation, instrumentation will gradually become networked, intelligent, virtualized, etc., to meet the development of society and humanity. Instrumentation will be forging a brilliant world in the next decade.

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