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Multi-frequency ultrasonic cell disruption knowledge
Aug 09, 2018

Multi-frequency ultrasonic cell disruption instrument is mainly used to explore the effects of ultrasonic waves of different frequencies and powers on the molecular cleaning, cracking and recombination processes of different substances, and to explore new reactions and preparation of new substances.

Multi-frequency ultrasonic cell disruption application:

Because the device can achieve the effects of general mechanical agitation or mashing, it is widely used in the process of crushing animal and plant tissues, viruses, bacteria and other cell structures, as well as in the process of emulsification, separation and homogenization. Biochemistry, medical pharmacy, food testing, environmental monitoring and other fields.

The working principle of multi-frequency ultrasonic cell disruption instrument:

Based on the cavitation of the ultrasonic wave in the liquid, the transducer generates electric energy through the horn to generate high-strength shear force in the liquid at the top of the tool head, forming a high-frequency alternating water pressure, causing the cavity to expand and explode. Crush. On the other hand, due to the violent disturbance of the ultrasonic waves propagating in the liquid, the particles generate a large acceleration, thereby colliding with each other or colliding with the walls to break.

Multi-frequency ultrasonic cell disruption instrument features:

1. It has a good treatment effect on animal and plant tissues, viruses, bacteria and other cell structures as well as in emulsification, separation and homogenization;

2. There are two choices of working mode: intermittent and continuous. The working time and intermittent time can be set separately during intermittent operation, which can be accurate to: 0.1 second;

3. It can disperse substances that are difficult to dissolve, and homogenize and emulsify the products;

4. The working time can be controlled by the digital timer, and automatically changes to the standby state when the predetermined time is reached, and the timing range can be arbitrarily set;

5. At the same time, it can also be used as homogenization treatment of ultrasonic micro-tissue, and the effect is better.

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