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Advantages of Homogenate Machine
Jul 03, 2017

1. The cup is made of special engineering plastics, resistant to 128 Shan high temperature, can be sterilized and reused, the material is transparent and can be inspected at any time in the work.

2. CUP special 100ml, 200ml and 250ml tick marks, take the sample 25g, add thinner to the 250ml tick line, homogeneous, quasi-

Prepared into 1:10 test solution, accurate and omitted cylinder. Small cups can be evenly 20 M 100m, large cups can be homogenate 100ml.

3. A batch of samples of a cup, no cross-contamination

4. The tool holder and the Cup connection place to set up the Leakproof seal ring, the seal performance is good.

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