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Ultrasonic homogenizer according to the form of ultrasonic generator is mainly divided into several categories?
May 03, 2018

Ultrasonic homogenizer is divided into piezoelectric crystal oscillation type, magnetron oscillation type and mechanical type according to the form of ultrasonic generator.

1. Piezoelectric oscillator type homogenizer

Piezoelectric crystal oscillating homogenizers are made of osmium ferrite or crystal oscillators as ultrasonic generators, so that the oscillating frequency is up to several tens of kilohertz, and the material liquid is strongly oscillated to achieve homogeneity.

2. Magneto-oscillating homogenizer

The ultrasonic generator of the magnetron oscillating homogenizer oscillates at a frequency of several tens of kilohertz by using a magnetic helium such as nickel grain iron so that the material liquid can be homogenized under strong stirring.

3. Mechanical ultrasonic homogenizer

The mechanical ultrasonic homogenizer mainly consists of a nozzle and a reed. The principle and structure of the generator are shown in the figure below.

The reed is in front of the nozzle. It is a wedge-shaped metal piece sandwiched between two or more nodes. When the feed liquid is sprayed onto the reed via the nozzle at a high speed with a pump pressure of 0.4 to 1.0 MPa, the reed emits a vibration at a frequency of 18 to 30 MHz. The ultrasonic wave is immediately transmitted to the feed liquid, so that the feed liquid is in a state of intense agitation, the large particles in the feed liquid are disintegrated, the feed liquid is homogenized, and the homogenized feed liquid is discharged from the outlet.



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