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High Efficient Scientz-48 Tissue Grinder

High Efficient Scientz-48 Tissue Grinder

Main Technical Parameters: Power Supply:220V/50Hz Rated Power:180W Timing:1(S)-9999(S) Frequency Setting:10-70Hz,300-2100times/min Clamp Stroke:34mm(vertical) Sample Capacity:2ml Adaptor 48hole、5ml Adaptor12 hole Display:7inch TFT Touch Screen Protection: Open lid protection,Emergency braking...

High-throughput tissue grinder for grinding brain tissue


Grinding brain tissue

Laboratory supplies

Sample: mouse brain tissue

Instrument: High-throughput tissue grinder (Xinzhi)

Consumables: special grinding tube (Xinzhi, 2ml), grinding beads (Xinzhi, 5mm, 2)

Experimental procedure

1. Prepare 2ml (if the sample size is large, select 5ml stainless steel grinding tube), clean the grinding tube and grinding ball, and sterilize the enzyme;

2. Cut a small piece of brain tissue that needs to be ground into a prepared grinding tube, add 2 grinding beads, cover the lid; add 300 ml of liquid nitrogen, then put it into a 2 ml adapter, the adapter can be placed in advance The -4 ° C refrigerator is pre-cooled and relatively controlled during the dry grinding process.

3. Load the adapter into the new mill);

4. Set 40hz, 60s, start the instrument until the end of the grinding process.

Experimental result


            Before treatment                            After processing



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