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Scientz-48 Touch Display High Throughput Tissuelyser

Scientz-48 Touch Display High Throughput Tissuelyser

High-throughput Tissue Grinder High-throughput tissue grinder can grind 4× 96 pcs samples fast and efficient at the same time within 3 minutes. Can do dry grinding, wet grinding and mixing and homogenization . Sample categories include: plant tissue (rice, corn, wheat, beans, peanuts , ) animal...

Company Profile

Ningbo Scientz National high-tech enterprise of ultrasonic equipment and related scientific instruments.

Registered capital of 62.8 million, bank credit rating: AAAA enterprise

New Third Board listed company (430685)

24,000 flats of its own office production site (including 6,000 freeze-drying machine production sites)

Main products: sample processing equipment, molecular biology equipment and conventional general equipment (freeze dryer, constant temperature water bath)

Product introduction

High-throughput tissue grinder can grind 4× 96 pcs samples fast and efficient at the same time within 3 minutes. Can do dry grinding, wet grinding and mixing and homogenization. Sample categories include: plant tissue (rice, corn, wheat, beans, peanuts,) animal tissues (muscle, intestine, heart, liver, lung, skin, bones, etc.), cells, bacteria, yeast and all kinds of herbs, etc. To extract the nucleic acid from large high-throughput samples, greatly enhance the efficiency and quality of grinding. The labor cost is reduced and the labor intensity of the operator is lightened



A small steel ball (or zirconia ball) is added to a grinding tank or centrifuge tube, and the grinding tank or adapter is vertically vibrating. The ball is struck at high speed under high frequency vibration to grind the sample.

It adopts grinding ball to grind the sample, which make the grinding of the sample more uniform and sufficient than the traditional grinding method. Using high throughput tissue grinder, can be used as a homogenizer in grinding tank adding ball and cell beads broken the samples which it is difficult to crush by ultrasonic homogenizer, quickly dispersed samples with high density and small steel balls or zirconia beads.


Main Technical Parameters:

Power Supply:220V/50Hz                        

Rated Power:180W


Frequency Setting:10-70Hz,300-2100times/min

Clamp Stroke:34mm(vertical)

Sample Capacity:2ml Adaptor 48hole、5ml Adaptor12 hole

Display:7inch TFT Touch Screen


Protection: Open lid protection,Emergency braking function


Accompany accessories: 500pcs 3mm stainless steel ball and 500pcs 6mm stainless steel ball



     The grinding ball in the grinding kit forms a large high-frequency impact force, friction force, rapid fine grinding of the material, mixing and dispersing the sample under the action of the inertial force, and the material in contact with the medium cannot bring the medium to the medium. Pollution. The high-strength frame is used without deformation and stable working performance, which improves the grinding precision. In order to resist the influence of temperature rise, the commonly used methods are low temperature pre-cooling and buffer protection. The low temperature pre-cooling will pre-place the sample into a low temperature environment, generally liquid nitrogen or ultra-low temperature refrigerator, and the liquid nitrogen pre-cooling speed is faster. And the temperature is lower.








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