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Stainless Steel Milk High Pressure Homogenizer for Food

Stainless Steel Milk High Pressure Homogenizer for Food

Homogenizer, Mixer Machine, High Pressure Homogenizer manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Stainless Steel Milk High Pressure Homogenizer for Food, Stainless Steel Kettle for Food, China Fixed Kettle for Sale (CE Approved) and so on.

                                       Welcome to buy our quality and cheap stainless steel milk high pressure homogenizer for food for sale in bulk. As one of the leading High Pressure Homogenizer suppliers in China, we also welcome wholesale orders and customized orders. Now, please be free to check the price list with our factory.

     High-pressure homogenizer applications in the beverage, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, milk and other industries are fluid emulsified materials for high-pressure homogeneous transport. The following small series mainly introduces the correct operation steps of the high pressure homogenizer:

1 Before starting the equipment, check whether the fastening part of the transmission part and the pump body are tightened. Move the large pulley by hand to check whether the transmission part is stuck or loose. Check whether the oil in the transmission box is filled above the oil hole of the connecting rod. 1-2cm, turn on the cooling water on the plunger and turn on the power switch.

2 Open the valve on the feed pipe, and start the motor before the valve on the pipe is not opened.

3 After running for a period of time after the feed is deflated, confirm that everything is normal before entering the production run.

4 The pressure of the pump should be gradually increased. First, adjust the secondary pressure to 10Mpa, and then adjust the primary pressure to the pressure required for production, but the pressure should not exceed 28Mpa.

5 When carrying out load operation, the short-term zui pressure should not exceed 10% of the rated value of 28Mpa.

6 When the machine is in operation, it is necessary to check the temperature of each part of the bearing, bearing bush and fuel tank, the oil level, the leakage of the seal ring and the jump of the pointer of the pressure gauge, and immediately stop the maintenance and repair.

7 Before parking, first loosen the first pressure adjustment handle, then loosen the secondary pressure adjustment handle to reduce the pressure, and then close the valve on the feed pipe after stopping.

8 Immediately after the pump stops production, clean the pump body, turn off the cooling water on the plunger, and turn off the power switch.

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