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Small Fruit Milk Juice High Pressure Homogenizer

Small Fruit Milk Juice High Pressure Homogenizer

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Product Description
Small Fruit Milk Juice High Pressure Homogenizer

series is the kind of equipment which can homogenize the liquid material and make it become high-pressure spray. The high pressure homogenizer pump reciprocates the pump position, high press the liquid, fully mixed and refined the material.

Maximum working pressure

1200bar/120M pa/17400psi

Maximum design pressure


Maximum capacity

12L/h25L/h  two models machine

Minimum capacity



Built-in cooler

Motor Power






Cleaning and disinfection after operation

Under the condition that the pressure is "0", 75% ethanol is added, washed 1-2 times, and then washed with distilled water for 1-2 times or more. The funnel and outlet tube are removable for cleaning.

  During each cleaning, observe the color of the cleaning liquid. The number of washings can be increased according to the actual situation. Other abnormal conditions occur. Please contact the laboratory teacher in time.


The test sample needs to be a liquid sample.

The workbench on which the homogenizer is placed must be flat and at least 30 cm away from the equipment. Do not place anything on top of the device.

During the test, the funnel must have materials that remain continuous and no idling is allowed. Do not use nitrogen-containing, iodine-containing disinfectant to avoid corrosion of the stainless steel part of the equipment.

The high pressure homogenizer can use to homogenize the dairy product material in high pressure, refine the fat globule, prevent or decrease the stratifying of the liquid material; Make the product much more nicety, to prove the quality of the product.

The high pressure homogenizer pump also the important equipment of the powder manufacture. (Such as pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, etc. )
Small Fruit Milk Juice High Pressure Homogenizer. 
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