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Laboratory High Pressure Homogenizer With Cooling System

Laboratory High Pressure Homogenizer With Cooling System

SCIENTZ-150 High Pressure Homogenizer ZL200910099490.4 HIGH PRESSURE HOMOGENIZER 8435 High pressure homogenizer using the material in the special role of plunger into the valve which it is adjustable pressure, after a certain width limiting slot (work area), transient voltage loss of material at...

      High-pressure homogenizer is a kind of equipment for homogenization/emulsification of liquid materials (liquid-liquid phase or liquid-solid phase) with viscosity below 0.2Pa.s and temperature below 100 °C. It is mainly used in food or Chemical industry, such as: homogenization and emulsification processes in the production process of dairy products, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other products.

Working principle: 

      The precision fit of the rotor and the stator, the working head (manufactured by the rotor and stator forgings), the claw structure, two-way suction, high shear efficiency.

Intermittent high-shear dispersion emulsifier homogenizer is a high-speed, strong circumferential tangential speed, angular velocity and other comprehensive kinetic energy through high-speed and stable rotation of the rotor.

Effectiveness; under the action of the stator, a strong, reciprocating hydraulic shear, friction, centrifugal extrusion, liquid flow collision and other comprehensive effects are formed in the gaps of the stator and the rotor, and the material is reciprocated in the container. Get the product.

Main Technical Parameters:

Maximum working   pressure

1200bar/120M   pa/17400psi

Maximum design   pressure


Maximum capacity

12L/h25L/h  two   models machine

Minimum capacity



Built-in cooler

Motor Power







Main components of high pressure homogenizer

      The high-pressure homogenizer is mainly composed of transmission parts (motor and electric control device, drive shaft, pulley, gear, crankshaft, connecting rod, slider, etc.); pump body part (pump body, plunger, suction valve, pressure material valve, Valve seat, etc.); homogenized part (first-level homogenizing valve body, second-level homogenizing valve body, homogenizing rod, homogenizing seat, butterfly-shaped shrapnel group, pressure regulating handle); pressure gauge part (seismic pressure gauge, The pressure gauge seat, etc.) is composed of 4 major components.


Electrical schematic of high pressure homogenizer

DZ:Automatic air switch   RD1:Insurance  RD2:Insurance  TQ:stop button  QA:start up button        C:AC contactor   RJ:thermal relay  D:electric motor

High pressure homogenizer can not start and solve

Cause of issue 

1) No 380V power input or phase loss; Figure 1 Electrical schematic of high voltage homogenizer

2) Insurance RD blow or air automatic switch trip;

3) The AC contactor coil is damaged or the wiring is disconnected;

  4) The stop button or start button is damaged or the wire is disconnected;


  5) The thermal relay is damaged;


  6) The motor is damaged.


Troubleshooting method


  1) Connect the 380V power supply or find out the cause of the missing phase and add it to the exclusion;


  2) Replace the RD and close the air switch;


  3) Replace the AC contactor coil or restore the wiring;


  4) Replace the stop button, start button or restore the wiring;


  5) Replace the thermal relay;


  6) Repair the motor.





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