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Laboratory High-Pressure Homogenizer Scientz-150

Laboratory High-Pressure Homogenizer Scientz-150

SCIENTZ-150 High Pressure Homogenizer ZL200910099490.4 HIGH PRESSURE HOMOGENIZER 8435 High pressure homogenizer using the material in the special role of plunger into the valve which it is adjustable pressure, after a certain width limiting slot (work area), transient voltage loss of material at...

Introduction to high pressure homogenizer

     The high-pressure homogenizer is also called “high-pressure fluid nano-homogenizer”, which can make the material in the suspended state flow under high pressure and flow through the cavity with special internal structure (high-pressure homogenizing cavity) to make the material occur. A series of changes in physical, chemical, and structural properties ultimately achieve a homogeneous effect.

     "High-pressure fluid nano-homogenizer" is mainly used in the fields of biology, medicine, food, chemical industry, etc., cell breakage, beverage homogenization, fine chemicals, preparation of liposome, fat emulsion, nanosuspension, microemulsion, lipid micro Balls, emulsions, dairy products, large infusions, dyes, solar panel coatings, conductive coatings, etc.


1. The plunger horizontal movement structure is used, and the plunger is sprayed with cooling water compared with the vertical (upper and lower) movement of the plunger, thereby prolonging the life of the plunger seal.

2. After the material leaks, it will not enter the fuel tank and will not pollute the external working environment.

3. The lubricating oil in the transmission box part can effectively make the connecting rod, crosshead, etc. smooth, and there is no trouble that the traditional type equipment needs to add grease before starting each time.

4, the overall shape of the cube, stainless steel cover, beautiful and easy to operate.

5, only one liter of material can be used for experimentation.


Main Technical Parameters:

Maximum working   pressure

1200bar/120M   pa/17400psi

Maximum design   pressure


Maximum capacity

12L/h25L/h  two   models machine

Minimum capacity



Built-in cooler

Motor Power







Classification of high pressure homogenizers:

     According to the structure type, it is divided into a vertical integral homogenizer and a horizontal combined homogenizer. The former is generally suitable for small and medium-sized equipment (power below 45kw); the latter is suitable for large equipment (power is above 45kw). At present, most domestic manufacturers produce vertical integral homogenizers. This type of compact structure has a beautiful appearance and a small footprint.

     According to the control mode, it can be divided into manual control type, manual adjustment hydraulic control type and fully automatic control type. Currently, manual control is dominant in the market. If the entire production line is automatically controlled, a fully automatic control homogenizer can be used.

Analysis and discussion of material stratification

After using the homogenizer, the material is stratified. Let us now analyze the reasons for the stratification. When the material is placed in a liquid, the density of the liquid and the density of the material placed determine the ups and downs of the material. If the density of the material is greater than the liquid, it sinks, and if it is smaller than the liquid, it floats. Under the action of gravity, the solid particles or droplets in the liquid medium finally obtain a stable velocity, which is called the sedimentation velocity. The sedimentation velocity is determined by the following physical quantities: particle diameter straight d particle density ρp density of the medium liquid ρp viscosity of the medium liquid η Gravity acceleration g (9.8m/s)

 If these magnitudes are known, the sedimentation velocity (V g) of the particles or droplets can be calculated using the following formula: (Stokes' Law)


The above equation tells us the sedimentation velocity of particles or droplets.

● The sedimentation velocity increases with the square of the particle diameter, which means that the 5 μm particles (5*5=25) are 25 times faster than the 1 μm particles (1*1=1).

● The settling velocity increases as the density difference of the material increases.

● The settling velocity increases as the viscosity of the material and medium decreases.

● 18 is a constant

● Gravity acceleration g is 9.8m/s. From the above analysis: The high-pressure homogenizer can break the particles below 2μm or less than 1μm. The particle diameter is squared with the sedimentation velocity, so the particle size is the sedimentation velocity. The essential.








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